Brain Development

Assessment Enhancement:  Observing and Interpreting Neurobehavioral Cues
The key to a good assessment is observing, interpreting and reporting observational data.  Professionals working with very young children are constantly observing behavior. Learning how to interpret behavior from a neuroscience perspective is the focus of this workshop.  Participants will be taught to observe and “read” cues that are related to a child’s unique neurological functioning.  By enhancing assessment in this way, child development professionals will be able to more fully understand a child’s unique developmental profile and in turn be able to individualize subsequent intervention  

Neuro-Science Fair
Come one, come all and experience first hand what it may be like for the children (and their families) served by intervention services providers as they take on developmentally challenging tasks. This is a workshop like you have never attended before!  In the morning participants will actively take part in various “stations” that correspond to the domains of development.  Activity analysis will be utilized to understand the components of each activity including: the prerequisite skills required, the task demands as well as the potential developmental gains. A discussion linking recent neuroscience findings specifically the role of stress, threat and emotional development with child development will be included to round out this workshop experience.  And since this is a fair, there will be fabulous prizes!   Everyone is a winner! 

The Fascinating World of the Developing Brain
Did you know you were in the business of growing brains?  Yep!   In this workshop we will examine the current brain research findings as they relate to Early Childhood Development.  The role of emotions in learning will be highlighted.  Hot topics such as the influence of stress and threat on behavior and memory will be discussed.  Emphasis will be placed on careful, cautious and critical application of the current brain research findings.  When it comes to caring for and working with young children from a neuroscience perspective, what every child needs – every caregiver can give!

The Role of Emotions in Development
Emotions are a function of the nervous system.  They are a powerful influence on early brain development.  When this information is more fully understood by the people who care for and work with young children, the observation of emotional displays may used a means to interpret their behavior.   In this workshop we will discuss the emotional regulation system in the brain, identify the behavioral cues one might see when working with young children that signal both regulation as well as stress and learn helpful strategies that you can use in your work with very young children from an emotional perspective.